High Accuracy Professional Diamond Tester Gemstone Selector ll Jeweler Tool Kit


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Product Description

Diamond Tester Selector Gemstone Testing Kit Digital Electronic Tool


1. This diamond tester has a highly compact design, which can perform fast, accurate, and safe diamond testing, which is very suitable for carrying with you when buying diamonds.

2. This diamond tester will indicate whether your diamond is genuine or fake. You can quickly and easily understand the diamond data.

3. The LED light and audio indication of this diamond tester test the true and false results of the diamond.

4.This diamond tester is a precision electronic instrument, the use environment is 5-35 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity of the air is 80%. The gems to be tested must be clean, dry, and at room temperature.

5. This tester is non-destructive and easy to operate.


  • Powered by DC 9V battery x 1 (not included )
  • Material:Metal + Plastic
  • Testing Capability: Diamonds, Diamond simulation (e.g. CZ), Metal
  • Auto Off: ” N/A
  • Initial warm-up: ~ 20 sec.
  • Indicator: LCD display & LED indicator
  • Color: Black
  • Size:Portable Size
  • Type: Diamond Tester
  • Model:Testing & Identification Tools

Package included:

  • 1 x Diamond selector tester
  • 1 x Protected leather bag
  • 1 x Texting Platform

How To Use:

1. Open the power, the power indicator light, instrument began preheating, after a few seconds instrument can be used.

2. Take the naked drill to be tested into support tray appropriate sunken hole, and its mesa upwards. Those already inlay need not put tray hole in, you can use hand to hold it.

3. According to the weight of the tested diamonds and measuring the temperature place to move several bright leds.

4. Take down needle sheath, handhold instruments, the right index finger touch the conductive plate on the back cover of instrument. To make the probe vertically and gently contact with mesa of measured diamond.

5. Carefully watching the instrument, if the rest of the emitting diode light reflect yellow, when light place moves to nine diodes with accompany beeping, this explains those tested are for real diamonds. On the contrary, if light place moves to insufficient ninediodes, and without accompany beeping, this explains fake diamond .


1. Turn on the power of the tester and heat the probe. It usually takes 20 seconds to touch the hot needle to the surface of the sample.

2. According to the signal sent by the thermal conductivity meter, it can be determined whether the sample is diamond. 

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Diamond Tester




Plastic + Metal

Powered By

1 x 9V battery (not included)


Portable Size


Testing & Identification Tools


Diamonds, Diamond simulation (e.g. CZ), Metal

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