Thomas Kinkade “Light Your Way Home” Christmas Lighthouse Canvas Print

Lighthouse guides ships around rocky shoals to a safe harbor. It contains the elements of an allegory of faith. In “beacons of hope”, the lighthouse beacon is its sole guide for a small boat in heavy seas that surge and crash onto a rocky coast. This painting portrays a beautiful sense of calm and strength.

Thomas Kinkade Light Your Way Home Lighthouse Canvas PrintPrice:  $99.99 US


This first-ever Thomas Kinkade Light Your Way Home Wall Decor re-imagines that magnificent work as never seen before: viewed under a peaceful blanket of Christmas snowfall, surrounded by the festive lights of the season.

Measuring an impressive 20 inches wide in its cherry-toned wooden frame, this limited-edition Thomas Kinkade Light Your Way Home canvas print is finely crafted on textured canvas for the look and feel of an original painting. It’s filled with enchanting details. From the eaves of the cottage and every window and door, to the pinnacle of the lighthouse tower, the gleaming fiber optics add a festive glow.

The lights of the decorative Christmas tree shift colors from blue and white to red and green. Hand-applied glitter adds to the shimmer of a Christmas Eve snowfall, while above the clouds part and the stars twinkle in the midnight sky. The elegant custom wooden frame is finished in a rich cherry tone and features a golden metal title plaque that proudly notes the Thomas Kinkade name and the “Light Your Way Home” title.

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