Thomas Kinkade Light Up The Season Lighted Glass Ornaments

Light is such an essential, joyous part of the holiday season, from the light that shines from our windows to create a spirit of warm welcome to the lights that twinkle from our Christmas trees.

Now, the transformative effects of holiday light are yours to enjoy in a fascinating new way with the Thomas Kinkade Light Up the Season Ornament Set.

This first-of-a-kind set of four glass ornaments incorporates miniature LED lights directly into the decorative golden cappers of each ornament that when switched on, highlight an abundance of gorgeous, artistic design features.

thomas-kinkade-light-up-the-season-lighted-glass-ornamentsPrice:$59.99 US




Each hand-blown glass ornament in this set is graced with one of Thomas Kinkade’s four finest holiday scenes – “Victorian Christmas I”, “Victorian Christmas II”, “A Holiday Gathering” and “Home for the Holidays.”

Light up! Miniature LED lights incorporated directly into each ornament highlight an abundance of gorgeous, artistic design features; controlled by a small switch on the decorative golden cappers with a 24-hour timer that automatically turns on your ornament at the same time every night for 6 hours of enjoyment


Each Thomas Kinkade light-up ornament in this set features a unique “crackle” pattern on the glass as well as gleaming finishes in the vibrant colors of red, gold, blue and green

Hand-applied decorative swirls of glitter, intricate snowflakes and star patterns and faceted simulated jewels enhance these Thomas Kinkade light up holiday ornaments.

Thomas Kinkade holiday ornament set arrives in a custom-made collector’s keepsake box in a rich blue tone that showcases Thomas Kinkade’s “Victorian Christmas” on the lid, framed in golden tracery.

  • Suspend from golden hanging cords for immediate display
  • Edition is limited to 120 crafting days, so order now!
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Measure from 4″ H to 5″ H; 10.2 cm H to 12.7 cm H

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